Always Deliver: Serving the people who do the hard work

September 23, 2022

Part 1 of 2: UniFirst honors the worker with the debut of ‘Always Deliver’ brand campaign

The year was 1936 and Aldo Croatti had a vision: to serve the men and women who put in the hard work. He founded a laundry business to clean clothes of factory workers and others in the heavy-soil business. With UniFirst, he created an entirely new concept: uniform rental services. This business concept gained popularity because it delivered on a key customer need: helping businesses work safer and smarter while presenting a better business image. Aldo’s vision spurred the growth of an entire industry.

Since then, UniFirst has evolved into a leader in the uniform rental services industry. Today, we serve over 300,000 customers and outfit over 2 million workers across a variety of industries—from automotive to transportation and warehousing, construction, and everything in between. We proudly serve nearly half of Fortune 500 companies and their hardworking employees.

This simple mantra “to serve the people who do the hard work” has now become our company mission, linking our past to our future. It’s this mission that was the inspiration behind our first-ever brand campaignAlways Deliver. The campaign honors everyday workers and re-affirms the promise our founder made 86 years ago to focus on the customer by celebrating hard-working people who keep their business and communities up and running.

Our first ever campaign debuted during the NCAA March Madness tournament this year with several 30- and 60-second commercials viewed by an audience of several million. The “Always Deliver” commercials feature real-life workers and everyday UniFirst employees—not trained actors or professional models—to help tell the story of the grit, integrity, and perseverance authentically.

“What makes UniFirst special is that—since day one—we have remained focused on our customers. We are indebted to our people, to our customers, and to every worker out there who puts in a hard day’s work, day in and day out. The commercials honor all that they do,” said David Katz, UniFirst Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “The concept is simple. We help our customers solve problems, and we promise to partner with them every step of the way to deliver the right solutions for their business.”

What does “Always Deliver” mean for our customers?

“Always Deliver” comes at a pivotal time as the entire world attempted to navigate to a new normal with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. What we experienced as a society served—in part—as an inspiration for the theme of paying homage to essential workers who always deliver for their customers, their businesses, and their families.

“COVID  helped  solidify  our  authority as an essential service that helps essential workers get their jobs done,” said Steven Sintros, UniFirst President and CEO. “‘Always Deliver’ is a true story. We live it every day, working to always deliver what today’s workers need so they in turn can deliver for their customers. 'Always Deliver' has now evolved into our company promise: “You always deliver for your customers and that’s why we always deliver for you.”

The campaign is currently being supported by an integrated multimedia effort targeting selected audience profiles in key U.S. and Canadian markets. “Always Deliver” ads are running on broadcast and cable networks, connected TV platforms, terrestrial and satellite radio, print publications, and digital formats like social media and digital display.

The story continues in Part II of "Always Deliver"  which takes you behind-the-scenes of the filming.


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