Augmenting Your Managed Uniform Rental Program

November 27, 2018

Augment uniform rental programs with caps, hats, hi-vis vests, hoodies, raincoats, belts, and more from the UniFirst Workwear Direct catalog.
Augment uniform rental programs with caps, hats, hi vis vests, hoodies, sweatshirts, raincoats, rain pants, belts, and more from the UniFirst Workwear Direct catalog.


For most businesses, the scope of clothing and PPE offerings in a managed uniform rental program is sufficient to meet the core needs of a wide range of employees and job types. When companies need to supply non-rental items to employees, they turn to purchase programs, often referred to as direct sale, in industrial laundry jargon.

Direct Sale Add-ons for Uniform Rental Service Programs

In general, uniform programs offering laundering service do not rent items such as hats, caps, belts, or other accessories. These items may be best for companies to own because they are not part of the regular laundering service. At UniFirst, we augment our uniform and safety apparel rental offerings with a large offering of direct sale items to help customers satisfy the outfitting needs of all their employees. Customers who rent uniforms and safety garments through uniform programs, which include a host of services such as laundering, mending, and pickup/delivery, can also purchase items that do not fit the scope of an industrial laundering uniform program. So in addition to our online Uniform Rental catalog, we also offer our direct sale catalog, Workwear Direct, with items that may be purchased.

Caps, Hats, and Headwear

you can buy extreme outdoor hats with neck capes or sun flapsWhether it’s chef hats, headbands, balaclavas, beanies, or snap on hoods, the UniFirst Workwear Direct catalog offers dozens of headwear items to choose from. You can buy chef hats with adjustable Velcro closure for professional culinary staffers to augment a managed chefwear uniform rental program, or purchase high visibility caps with reflective inserts to expand protection for workers already covered under a high visibility workwear rental program.

purchase hats and caps from UniFirstCustomized baseball caps with company logos are also a popular add-on purchase, and the UniFirst direct sale catalog has many styles and colors to choose from to help match your corporate brand identity.

Work in the sun? Try our Extreme Outdoor Cap with Neck Cape to stay cool and comfortable outdoors. Our Wide Brim Ripstop Hat with Concealed Sun Flap even features built-in insect repellent technology, UPF 30+ sun protection, a concealable sun flap, and a moisture-wicking sweatband. purchase knit caps from UniFirstNeed something warmer? Try one of our many knit caps or beanies that can be worn under a hard hat, hood, or helmet.

Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Pullovers

Buy hoodies, sweatshirts and pullovers from the UniFirst Direct Sale catalogWho wouldn’t want a nice, warm heavyweight zip-front hoodie, pullover hoodie sweatshirt, or heavyweight crewneck sweatshirt to wear to work when it’s cold? When working in the elements, layering is key. From your everyday no-nonsense front pouch pocket sweatshirt to high performance arc-rated Flame Resistant Hooded Sweatshirts (ATPV 21, PPE 2), you can purchase what you need to augment your employee uniform program.

Raincoats, Waterproof Pants, and Rain Jackets

Purchase rain gear from UniFirst to augment rental uniformsRain gear comes in handy when employees work outdoors. Our versatile, seam-sealed hooded rain jackets and waterproof pants offer outstanding waterproof protection to keep workers dry on the job. They fold into convenient carry pouches for easy, compact storage and can be purchased as add-ons to any uniform rental program.

Hi Vis Safety Vests and Jackets

You may have ANSI-rated high visibility shirts or enhanced visibility uniforms as part of your uniform rental program, but for employees that only need to wear visibility garments sporadically, vests can help fill the gap. In that case you can choose from a variety of high visibility or enhanced visibility work apparel such as Class 3 High Visibility Vests, Class2 High Vis Jackets, or Class 3 High Vis Bomber Jackets in our direct sale catalog. You can even buy ANSI rated high vis Class E Rain Pants.Purchase rain gear from UniFirst to augment rental uniforms

Belts, Backpacks and Other Accessories

Purchase belts from UniFirst to augment rental uniformsUniFirst direct sale options also include an assortment of uniform belts such as our popular Hidden Elastic Belts, made for comfort, and our Scratchless Uniform Belts that help protect surfaces such as automobile finishes. We even offer a variety of tote bags and backpacks or you can select from our collection of customizable golf towels.

38,000 In-Stock Product SKUs

As you can see, there are many products that UniFirst offers to augment your managed uniform rental program. If there’s anything else you need and don’t see it, please inquire. We do have more than 38,000 in-stock product SKUs to choose from. Call Toll-Free (800) 455-7654


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