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UniFirst facility service programs for your company include:

Mats, mops, and towels
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Soaps, dispensers,
and cleaning supplies
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F-MATIC Metered Spray 9000 Linen Fresh Fragrance as shown in UniFirst Facility Services Catalog

F-MATIC Metered Spray 9000 Refills


Dual odor-counteractant and an ultra-dry, ultra-fine mist of premium fragrance give the F-MATIC Metered Spray Air Fresheners the upper hand on tough odors. Free of glycol ethers, the ultra-dry formula means no drips on walls or floors. More sprays per can for a longer-lasting, more economical product. Refills fit in the most competitive commercial air freshener spray dispensers for an easy switch. Canisters last ninety days when used in an F-MATIC spray dispenser on the 15 minute setting. Choose from the following fragrances (listed in ascending order of scent intensity):

  • Linen Fresh - Breathe in the scent of fresh, fluffy towels straight from the dryer with this clean and refreshing fragrance.
  • Pina Colada - A warm but sweet rum-scented concoction delightfully blended with hints of coconut and pineapple to transform you back to the tropics.
  • Ocean Mist - Feel the ocean mist with the scent of fresh carnations, ending in a wave of oak moss and white musk to bring the seaside atmosphere to any space.
  • Fresh Lavender - A sweet and floral scent created for calming the mind and helping you find your Zen.
  • Citrus Sunburst - The sweet, tangy scent of orange oil, perfectly blended with lemon and lime, has been created to awaken and enliven the senses.
  • Cinnamon - A warm and mysterious scent with sweet cinnamon top notes accented with spicy clove for the perfect woody aroma.

UniFirst air freshener service programs include:
  • Multiple dispensing and fragrance options
  • Usage-based restocking & replenishment
  • Refill deliveries on a regular basis
  • Installation of dispensers
  • Dispenser maintenance
  • Dispenser replacement as needed

With coast-to-coast service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, UniFirst can fulfill your service needs wherever your business may be located.

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