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Linen Fresh - Microburst® 9000 Refill Aerosol Odor Control

Microburst® 9000 Refills - Commercial Odor Control


Microburst® 9000 refills by Rubbermaid® Commercial Products contain powerful, consistent, fresh fragrances that reinforce restroom cleanliness and help ensure patron satisfaction. Patented refill actuator distributes the finest dry mist for long-lasting performance. Contains 63% less VOCs per spray than a standard aerosol. Microburst® 9000 refills feature fresh fragrances that last for 9000 sprays or up to 180 days.


Compatible Microburst® 9000 System

Refill fragrance options

Microburst® 9000 Refills offer aerosol air care with fewer propellants and more odor control in each spray. One Microburst® 9000 refill will replace 3 standard aerosol refills for long-lasting odor control and fragrance.

8788 — Linen Fresh

Notes of bergamot, lemon, and lime are boosted with hints of cool marine and galbanum, supported by an herbal base.

8805 — Vanilla Royale

A rich, mouthwatering vanilla fragrance smoothed by hints of warm chocolate and coconut ice.

8802 — Mango

A natural and exotic fruity fragrance characterized by ripe, juicy mango slices alongside fresh citrus and soft floral accents.

8789 — Ocean Breeze

Refreshing citrus and herbal notes are topped with florals on a musk base.

8790 — Mountain Peaks

Fruity floral accords of peach, papaya, and melon fuse with lily, jasmine and osmanthus over a soft musk base.

8801 — Cinnamon Spice

Mouth-watering and spicy notes featuring the smell of cinnamon curls enhanced with clove and allspice.

8791 — Orchard Fields

A fresh, fruity fragrance of juicy peach, apricot, and apple rests on a long lasting musky background.

8804 — Mandarin Orange

A powerful fruity blend of mouth-watering mandarin and citrus, exuding effervescent freshness.

8792 — Country Delight

A bouquet of narcisse, rose, and carnation supported with an infusion of jasmine, geranium, gardenia and lily of the valley followed with a cedar base.

UniFirst air freshener service programs include:
  • Multiple dispensing and fragrance options
  • Usage-based restocking & replenishment
  • Refill deliveries on a regular basis
  • Installation of dispensers
  • Dispenser maintenance
  • Dispenser replacement as needed

With coast-to-coast service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, UniFirst can fulfill your service needs wherever your business may be located.

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