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UniFirst facility service programs for your company include:

Mats, mops, and towels
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Soaps, dispensers,
and cleaning supplies
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Heavy Duty Degreaser System as shown in the UniFirst Facility Services catalog.

Heavy Duty Degreaser Dilution and Dispensing System


Our Heavy Duty Degreaser System features “one button” dilution control and “bag-in-box” refill design for easy, economical use. Remove grease and oil from a variety of surfaces with the Fury Degreaser, a non-corrosive heavy duty degreaser designed for auto dealerships, car/truck shops, factories, warehouses, and anywhere that oil and grease accumulates. Can be used in pressure washers, scrubbers, mop buckets, or spray applicators for general degreasing. Perfect for use with automatic scrubbers.

Compared to purchasing ready-to-use cleaning solutions, you could save 90% or more! And with our usage-based refill deliveries, you’ll always have needed cleaning supplies on hand. And with coast-to-coast service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, UniFirst can fulfill your facility service needs wherever your business may be located.

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Comprehensive line of cleaning solutions
  • Convenient wall mounted dispenser
  • Color & number coded products
  • Wall-mounted guide 
  • English/Spanish/French labels

Fury Degreaser

Fury Degreaser is an advanced, heavy duty degreaser that removes oils and grease from a variety of surfaces. Fury’s controlled alkalinity makes it a non-corrosive cleaner, ideal for shop degreasing at automotive dealerships, car/truck repair garages, industrial factories, warehouses, and more.

  • Fury Degreaser 5 gal. bag-in-box (yields 85 gal.)
  • Fury Degreaser 55 gal. (drop ship only)
  • Fury Degreaser 275 gal. tote

Rapid Station Drum Dispensing Accessory

With a single 3/4” water line hookup this device dispenses at 10 gallons per minute, making filling auto scrubbers, mop buckets, and other large reservoirs a snap. Unit includes a built in vacuum breaker, 10 feet of discharge hose, and metering tips. Stainless steel cover and brass internal components offer durability and long service life.

  • Rapid Refill Dispenser for 55 gal. drum

UniFirst Cleaning Solution Dispensing Service includes:
  • Usage-based restocking & replenishment
  • Refill deliveries on a regular basis
  • Installation of dispensers
  • Dispenser maintenance
  • Dispenser replacement

With coast-to-coast service centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, UniFirst can fulfill your service needs wherever your business may be located.

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